Web Savvy: Don’t be Robotic, Timing Tweets Appropriately

Jon DiPietro 1(Hour 1c) Authentia’s Jon DiPietro continued his “How Not To Suck” series on Social Media.  It’s taken us quite some time to work up to number eight on the list!

DiPietro explained how being robotic is very bad and illustrated his point with a story about a show he caught on the History Channel.  Two giggling guys in a show promo during brutal footage of WWII soldiers suffering through the hell of war… not such a grand idea.

don't be robotic


Automated tools are a good thing when you use them in a smart way.  The same rule applies to scheduling social media updates.  DiPietro gave us some examples of how unexpected events can really upset your apple cart.

No win situations (and critics) abound.  Be smart and plan your scheduled updates with caution!  Visit Authentia to learn more.

05-15-2014 Hour 1c

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