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Posted by Jon DiPietro for School Board on Thursday, November 2, 2017

What People Are Saying

Jon is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate person on Manchester School issues I have seen in my 28 years of living here. Ward 6 is extremely lucky to have a candidate like Jon running to better the education system in the city for future generations.

Jon DiPietro is not afraid of ruffling feathers and will always do what is right for the students and taxpayers of Manchester.

Join me in supporting Jon DiPietro for Ward 6 School Board, because the city needs him.

Nick Pappas

Jon is an intelligent and dedicated person who will serve with integrity while maintaining a sense of fiscal sanity and responsibility.

Jim Gaudet

I know Jon DiPietro. He’s smart, has kids in school and is a responsible citizen of Manchester who cares about schools AND Taxpayers. Vote for him. He’s exactly what Manchester needs.

Jeff Kassel

I confidently endorse Jon DiPietro for School Committee. In this day and age where our educational system has miserably failed so many students locally and nation-wide…. I know Jon will lead with success of our kids in mind.

Robert Boilard

Jon is the kind of School Board member we NEED. He understands and supports parents and is not afraid to hold “The Powers That Be” accountable.

Jane Cormier

Jon DiPietro will be a great voice for the School Board. He knows the issues and knows how to get along with people and to get things done. He will listen to all sides of an issue, and will be a leader on a board that really needs one.

David Whiby

I know Jon DiPietro to be a man of intelligence and integrity. I endorse him whole-heartedly! Go Jon Go! Manchester needs your voice of reason on the Board of School Committee.

Neil Freeman

I cannot think of a better candidate for the Manchester School Board than Jon. As a father of four, DiPietro has had first-hand experience dealing with the Manchester schools from a PARENT’s perspective. Something the Board of School Committee needs more of.

I am confident he will represent the parents of Manchester first, see clearly on the issues and not get lost in the MSD Bureaucracy.

Dave Martinez

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