Manchester Tax Revaluation Calculator

The 2021 property revaluation in Manchester has dramatically altered the tax burden. This calculator will help Manchester residents estimate the impact on their tax bills.


Go to the Vision Government Solutions website ( and search for your property. Plug in your previous (2021) property value and your new/current property value into the form below. It will estimate your old and new tax bills based on the (estimated) new tax rate of $17.61 per thousand. Note that this tax rate is an estimate and will likely not be finalized until November.

Winners and Losers

The NH Constitution requires property assessments must be done no more than five years apart but can be as soon as three years. 2021 was such a year for Manchester. While the total taxes collected increased 1.87% year over year, the makeup of the tax base changed dramatically, as different property classes appreciated at dramatically different rates. 

The total property valuation for the city of Manchester increased 40%, which will result in an overall lower tax rate from $24.66 to $17.61. That means if your property value went up by less than 40%, your property taxes will go down. Indeed, the Mall of NH will see a decrease of nearly $1M. The hardest-hit property categories are condominium owners and multifamily homes and apartments. Not that individual property values will vary within these categories so be sure to check your property’s value using the link above. 

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