Union Leader Endorses Jon DiPietro for School Board

“If Manchester voters want anything to change in the city’s schools, they are going to have to make it happen at the ballot box.”

“In Ward 6, Jon DiPietro would be a welcome improvement over” the incumbent.

I am proud to announce the endorsement of the Union Leader editorial staff on September 13th. They mentioned my commitment to improving academic standards, expanding special education services, and supporting redistricting efforts – all in order to improve education within the tax cap.

Candidate Questionaire

Today, the Union Leader also published candidates’ answers to three questions. The questions were:

  1. Do you support making Manchester a sanctuary city? Why or why not?
  2. Do you support a tax cap override to fund salary increases for city and school district employees?
  3. What is the top issue facing the city/schools, and how would you address it?

I was disappointed to see that they asked the same questions to aldermen and school board, as it would have been a better use to tailor the questions to the office. Nonetheless, my answers were:

  1. Not applicable.
  2. Tax cap overrides are for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. Employee raises are neither.
  3. The deployment of resources in our schools is out of whack. We have too few in the elementary schools and too many in the high schools, resulting in inconsistent class sizes and inequity.

Note: I do not support sanctuary city policies. I answered, “not applicable” because I think it was a silly question to ask school board candidates.

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