The NEW Girard At Large Website: Web Savvy with Jon DiPietro

Jon DiPietroJon DiPietro of Domesticating IT and #CareerGravity came in for a special edition of Web Savvy and we’re talking all about our shiny new Girard At Large website! Sure, it looks nice, but Jon gives us the details on what’s happening in the “back end.” In these clips, hear what changes you should expect and how you can get the most of the site.

Part 1:

6-3-2013 Hour 3b

Part 2:

6-3-2013 Hour 3c

Key Differences for our New Website:

  • Discoverability – It will be easier to find things because of new organization and search functionality.
  • Efficiency – We’ll be able to be more proficient to bring YOU more great local content.
  • Foundation for the Future – Since we’ve created our website with today’s standard Content Management System (CMS), the sky is the limit for our website to adapt and grow over time (Hint… an eCommerce store is in the works).
  • Newsletter – You’ll be able to opt in for our Daily Digest, Weekly Wrap-Up and Breaking News updates.
  • Archives – Our show archives are now going to be fully searchable and fully shareable! Plus a podcast on iTunes is coming very soon.

PS. Do you know what city is in our show’s new Banner Image? Let us know in the comments!

Girard At Large Banner

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4 thoughts on “The NEW Girard At Large Website: Web Savvy with Jon DiPietro”

  1. Great, so if my FB friends get spammed by Disqus, I will know who to blame. But on the bright side, I really prefer the white background.

  2. The great image at the top looks like someone stood up by Ste. Marie’s and took a pic of the city skyline. First building at the left would probably be an office building, 2nd from left is 1000 Elm St, the tall glass tower. Then you have the building that houses the Soc Sec office, followed by Wall St Tower, home of the former High Five. I think the next building would be Citizen’s Bank and then the Bell Tower in the Millyard that strikes the hour. But I’m sitting at home and not out there, so I can only be sure of the High Five and the Bell Tower – those shapes are unique.


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