Help Wanted: CEO for Manchester School District

This article was featured as an opinion editorial in NH Union Leader and also referenced extensively in a staff editorial, School job: Manchester’s needs. With Dr. Goldhardt’s resignation, Manchester School District finds itself in the familiar role of searching for a new superintendent. Everyone is asking the right question: Why are Manchester’s superintendents chewed up … Read more

Manchester School District Spending

There are many discussions that take place about school spending and I’ve found it difficult to find data to put budget discussions into context. This post is the first in a series that will examine expenditures both citywide and in the school district. This first, high-level look compares school district spending to student enrollments from … Read more

Manchester School District Building Capacities 2016

The Manchester Board of School Committee formed a subcommittee to help alleviate overcrowding in some of the city’s elementary schools by studying and recommending options for redistricting. Due to the fact that the city has far more capacity than enrolled students, the problem could be solved by moving students from where there is too little … Read more