DiPietro’s 2 Golden Rules 4 Redeveloping Your Website

Jon DiPietro(Hour 1c) Dave from Hooksett called in to comment on the “blatant disregard” shown taxpayers by local school boards and the low morale of teachers in the public schools.

Jon DiPietro shared 2 Golden Rules to consider BEFORE you hire someone to redevelop your website.

First and foremost: DO NO DAMAGE!  The first order of business should be preserving your search engine rankings.  DiPietro advised us on which tools to use and how to hold your developer’s feet to the fire.

With all of the different ways to measure your website’s success, it’s absolutely essential to use the SAME one before and after your rebuild.

DiPietro also recommended tools to see your website through Google’s eyes.

07-10-2014 Hour 1c

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