DiPietro: Pay Attention! (So You Don’t Fall Off A Cliff)

Jon DiPietro(Hour 1c) When it comes to websites, Authentia’s Jon DiPietro keeps reminding us to PAY ATTENTION!  Burying your head in the sand when your website might be screaming HELP is a bad strategy.

DiPietro told us about his trip to Baltimore to rescue a company’s website.  The company had just spent $2 Million to build a shiny new one, but the designer of the new site left out some pretty important stuff in the transferal of information.

The advantages the company enjoyed from years of extremely healthy web traffic were lost.

DiPietro told us what to watch for to prevent it from happening to us and warned us to “proceed with caution” before tearing down your old site.

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06-12-2014 Hour 1c

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